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Lynn is now able to offer mobile Hot Stone massage to all venues.


Welcome to my treatments page and I hope that you find some of the treatments of interest to you. Check out the new Girls Pampering Package

Remedial Myotherapy Massage

This massage is a unique form of bodywork that combines massage and acupressure to place the body into a loose and balance state where all movement is in harmony with the rest of the body.
( 1 Hour duration)

Chinese Acupressure Massage

This massage is the manual therapy aspect of the traditional Chinese Medicine that has a 5,000 year history proving its effectiveness. This ancient healing touch is based on Taoist philosophy of working with the concept of Chi ( vital energy) and Yin Yang dynamic balance.
( 1 Hour duration)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A light slow massage, which stimulates lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins from the body and increase energy levels.
( 1 Hour duration)

Australian Bushflower Essences Therapy Massage

A selection of Wild Flower Essences are utilized in a massage designed to balance the chakras and release stress and tension. Clients will receive a complementary bottle of their own blend of Australian Bush Flower essences. This treatment helps to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit.
( 1 Hour 10 Min. duration)

Rejuvenating Aromatic Massage

This massage includes a sensory journey. You will be guided in choosing a blend of AVENA plant extract oils to use on the body.
( 1 Hour duration)

Hot Stone Therapy Massage (Available only at Wollombi clinic)

Using heated Indonesian river stones this treatment allows you to enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and well being. The deep penetrating heat of the stones prepares the body for deeper work. Benefits include relief of chronic pain, deep relaxation and stress reduction.
( 1 Hour 10Min. duration)

Girls Pampering Package

If you are planning a weekend away and would like to offer some serious pampering then I can design a package to include the following:-

Hot Stone
Rejuvinating Aromatic
Australian Bush Flower

Qi Gong Class  YOGA

Meditation Session

( Most health Fund rebates available)(To ensure Lynn's availability please phone 02 4998 3277 or Email for bookings well in advance)